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Many traders will now be wondering why the 2 strong Bullish Breakout attempts on this pair have been met by sharp Bearish reversals in favour of the USD? The Bull Candle Signals given on the Daily Chart appeared to be strong enough to justify entry and provide sharp EURO gains, yet on each occasion, the Bears took control aggressively to pull us back inside of the Pennant Setup. So are there explanations for these reversals that are all so common across the Forex Market or should we put them down to just being random movements? The Pennant Setup on the Daily Chart was formed by waves of Uptrends and Downtrends since June of this year. Within the last few weeks, we saw the first attempt to break out of this attempt with a strong Bull Candle at Resistance. However, this was followed up by sharp Bearish Candles that took the pair back inside of the Consolidation. DAILY CHART- FALSE BREAKOUT SIGNALS After only managing to reach half-way inside of the Pennant