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Last week, the EURO USD provided another example of how Consolidation Breakouts with Large Candles lead to False Breakouts -another "trap" set by the market. In the Daily Chart below taken from the Daily Market Update of Monday August 24, you can see the Large Candle that attempted to start the breakout above the Resistance of the Consolidation... However, as you can see in the note below the graph, I expected it to at least pause here before either moving sideways or reversing. A few days later, a sharp reversal took out that Bull Candle to start a False Breakout Reversal, taking us back inside of the Pennant... This reversal is due to the fact that these Large Candles- as attractive as they are -hardly lead to successful breakouts. Across the Currency Market these signals, as well as what are known as Weak Candles, are notorious for either leading to sideways, erratic moves or pullbacks. Traders who are not aware of this can get caugh


The power of Price Action analysis is its capacity to predict the formation of major market patterns across all Time Frames. We can forecast movements that will take place the next day or even in the next few months and prepare our trading plans to take full advantage of them ahead of other traders. On Monday August 10th last week, the EURO USD was expected to provide a Bull Candle to indicate a Rally to the Resistance of a Pennant that was being formed. This Rally would complete the Support boundary and the Pennant Consolidation itself.  DAILY CHART- EURO USD    A pair of Double Bottoms were already given in addition to the the break of the Downtrend Line. This suggested that another Bull Signal would be given/needed to confirm the start of the move to Resistance and that a potential trading opportunity to go long was near. Two days later, this took place... DAILY CHART- EURO USD    ...a strong Bull Candle Signal that offered traders up to 1


The Forex Market is one of the most attractive Financial Markets that has the potential to provide traders with a real source of Long-Term Wealth. Turning this dream into a reality is the goal of all Retail Traders and with the vast range of trading techniques that are available to us, it is only a matter of time before this goal is realized. Nevertheless, before this can take place, we will first have to make a very important decision. Will I dedicate my life to being a Day Trader or a Swing Trader? At first, this decision might appear to be a very easy one to make. After all, the time and dedication that goes into finding the right technique and practicing it several times appears to be the most difficult hurdle to overcome. However, I believe that the decision to trade the markets daily or on a weekly basis will determine your choice of methodologies and ultimately your rate of returns and profitability. Day Trading is the most widely used approach to trading this ch


The Trade Setups provided over the last 13 Months have so far proven that this Methodology has tremendous potential to provide Long-Term Wealth to all those who use it in their personal trading. This Swing Trading Strategy was created after my failed attempts at Day Trading over several years despite many attempts with various types of strategies. With no alternative left but to look at the higher time frames for “help”, I finally realized that success from Forex Trading would only be possible by trading the more stable movements of these charts. One of the important lessons to be learnt from Swing Trading is that even though trading is not that frequent, constant monitoring and practice is necessary. These opportunities tend to arise 1 to 3 times per month but if a certain setup arises that you are not familiar with, you can hesitate and decide to forgo it, regretting it later on - as I have.  AUD USD - MAY 2015 By frequently reviewing past examples of various


The last 13 Months have proven to be both challenging and rewarding with this new Price Action Swing Trading Methodology. Transitioning from Day Trading to Swing Trading is very difficult especially if you - like myself- have spent most of your trading years glued to the computer screen in search of immediate gains each day, only to be constantly disappointed. Swing Trading solves most of the problems associated with Day Trading and provides a more solid foundation upon which to establish a viable source of Long-Term Wealth. THE PERFORMANCE The Trade Setup Service, which was started on July 1, 2014, involves providing detailed trade information on trading opportunities on the Daily and 4 Hour Charts for Subscribers to trade on their personal accounts.  Assuming a level of risk of 5% per trade, a Subscriber would now have generated a Rate of Return equivalent to 35%-from 15 Trades. This has come from 9 winning trades and 6 losses. RATE OF RETURN JULY 1, 2014 - J