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The Hallmark of Accurate Technical Analysis? - Money

The hallmark of accurate Technical Analysis is the ability to spot market movements several days and weeks ahead of other Traders for larger trading gains. This puts you at a significant advantage when it comes to trading these expected moves, while confirming the superiority of your Methodology. A few examples of Chart Forecasts using only Candlestick Patterns and Signals shows how this accuracy can be achieved to provide real results, without the use of Statistical Indicators or Economic Analysis. On July 1 this year, there was a Bullish Consolidation Breakout on the AUD USD that appeared to indicate the continuation of the strong uptrend in place. This would possibly have taken us to the 0,9757 Resistance of October 2013 and provide strong Day Trading and Swing Trading gains.  DAILY CHART -  BREAKOUT DAILY CHART - EXPECTED TARGET   However, this would gave way to a strong Bearish Reversal Candle that took out


This trade took advantage of the False Breakout on the Pennant of the Daily Chart, following a short-lived Bullish breakout.  It provided a gain of 76 Pips over 4 Days as the pair returned inside of the large Consolidation on its way to the Support boundary. This latest trade was added confirmation of the accuracy of my Methodology which continues to produce above average trading gains. A Demo Account, which was opened in October (up 4%), now tracks my Live Account and will demonstrate how a 100% return is possible by January 2015 with only a small number of trades. There was an initial breakout long above the Resistance of the CHF JPY Pennant that pointed to the start of sharp gains for the Swiss Franc. It was expected to mirror the gains for the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen, following a Range breakout of 700 Pips.   DAILY CHART- USD JPY BREAKOUT The Pennant setup on the CHF JPY was much larger in comparison and was also in an Up


The dreaded Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) Employment Change was released today and led to the sharp and volatile movements normally feared during this major Fundamental announcement. The employment data, which was positive for the US Labour Market, led to sharp gains of 100 Pips and 80 Pips against the Euro and Swiss Franc, respectively, within 2 hours of the release. Lucky Day Traders may have got some or even all of this movement if they had correctly guessed the short-term reaction of the market. However, those who were already in long-term trades based on the major trends of these two pairs, would have comfortably avoided this volatility on their way to even larger trading gains. The number of persons employed in the United States increased by 248,000 in September , translating to a welcomed decline in the Unemployment Rate to 5.9% from 6.1%. The increase was also more than the forecast 216,000 and the previous figure of 186,000 for August. Naturally, the reaction to these numbers wa